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Association Of Practising Pathologist

APP HARYANA, The Journey So Far…………………….!

The Association of Practising Pathologists of Haryana ,nicknamed APP Haryana , was founded in the year 2009 and Registered with Registrar of Companies and Societies, Faridabad with the following aims:

  • To provide a common platform to all the practicing Pathologists of Haryana to share their common views & issues related to Practice of Pathology in the state.
  • To raise their unified voice against quackery in Pathology so that quality of services can be provided to the patients.
  • To interact on social and academic level to keep pace with the recent advances in the subject by holding regular CMEs and annual conferences.
  • To seek and provide required assistance from/to the Govt regarding quality management in the Pathology Services in the state.

Since then, the APP Haryana is organizing various academic programs and fighting legally against quackery in the court. As for later Dr. G.R.Gupta has taken this arduous challenge and the association is in the final stage of getting law passed against quackery in the state. However, the lukewarm response of the Govt is regrettably leading to substantial delay in fighting against this evil. However, this legal battle between APP Haryana & The Govt has shaken the Health Deptt and various reforms are expected to be seen in the policy soon to be adopted.

Previously unknown to each other , the Pathologists all over the state are now in touch with each other through this forum and at few places a quick & united action by fellow pathologists has saved the situation getting uglier in day to day practice as well as in epidemics e.g. Dengue fever, when patients get misguided against any fellow member.

The Office bearers of APP Haryana are elected democratically and the office is handed over to the elected team for a duration of 2 yrs. The president elect /chooses his/her own team to run the show.

Since its inception, the past presidents of the association have been :

Dr.B.C.Gupta from Faridabad,Dr.G.R.Gupta from Hissar and Dr Gajender Yadav from Rewari have been its presidents in Past and Presently Dr. Suneel Mutneja from Faridabad is its President.

Dr.Anil Soni from Faridabad, Dr. Yogesh Chhabra from Karnal and Dr. Prashant Gupta from Palwal have been the Hon.Treasurers of the Association. Dr.Prashant is continuously involved in taking this challenging task till date in various capacities as Hon Secretary & Treasurer.

We have regularly organized the annual conferences since its start in 2009 at Faridabad,Gurgaon & Hissar and the current Annual Conference is being organized in collaboration with Deptt. Of Pathology at PGIMS, Rohtak.

Every year it has been an endeavor of the elected team to refine the past experience and such events provide a solid platform for academic exchange between the members and the interactive play between manufacturers/importers of various instruments and reagent suppliers as business promotion also.

This year also we look forward for a great academic feast with business promotion of various industry partners , being organized at ROHTAK ,the socio-political hub of Haryana. This event will help the upcoming young Pathologists in medical college to interact with their seniors in private practice to plan their future on one hand and for the practicing Pathologists in updating themselves in various subspecialties for providing a better diagnostic service to their patients on the other hand.